Grey’s Lobotomy is a hilarious musical comedy on the Australian health system! It takes a satirical look at life in a public hospital, as experienced by Registered Nurse Violet Grey, and parodies well-known health campaigns such as Life.Be In It. (remember Norm? :) and the Grim Reaper.

"A very funny night out at the theatre!"
(The Theatre Room)

"It really is a superb musical - hilarious, witty, thought provoking - makes for a really enjoyable evening!" (Health Professional)



June-July 2015: Kaleide Theatre, Melbourne & Alex Theatre, St Kilda

Cast, Crew and Creatives (Program)

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Who Will Take

Bluey the paramedic is ramped at the hospital as there
are no beds free for his patient
Sung by Chris Asimos (with Kirsty Gayther, Laura Raiti
and Morgan Phillips)


Miss Black, the hospital administrator, is anxious about having no free beds, and ambulances therefore needing to bypass her hospital
Sung by Laura Raiti (with Kirsty Gayther, Morgan Phillips and Ollie Bell)


The Dealer is more than happy to be doling out sugar at the hospital
Sung by Ollie Bell (with Kirsty Gayther, Laura Raiti and Morgan Phillips)

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